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Daiganji Temple

Chiba Daigan-ji

About Daiganji Temple

The mountain name of Daiganji Temple is Ryutakuzan, and the temple name is Genchuin.

​ About 470 years ago, at the end of the Muromachi period, in 1551, one of the six parties of the Chiba clan, founded by Mr. This is a historical temple that was founded by Teigaku Shonin as the founder of the temple.

It had a deep relationship with Tokugawa Ieyasu, and in March 1617, it became a temple of prayer for the shogunate, and received 100 koku of red seal land.At the same time, it had 24 branch temples, and was one of the 18 Kanto Danrin temples of the Jodo sect. As a famous temple in Shimousa, it has played a role in producing many learned monks.

With the end of the Edo shogunate and the Meiji anti-Buddhist movement, there was a time when it was in danger of falling into disrepair, but after World War II, due to the efforts of Kenyo Yoshinobu, the 60th head of Daigan-ji Temple, educational facilities such as Shukutoku University were built within the temple grounds. was established and continues to this day as a modern version of Danrin.

Annual event


   1st First nenbutsu/first goma

​   28th Fudoson Festival


   3rd   Setsubun party


   17th to 23rd Spring Equinox  


   28th Fudoson Festival  


   13th to 15th Bon shelf industry

   17th      Daisegakikai 


   3 days in September  Betuji Nenbutsu meeting

   21~26       Autumn Equinox

   28th Fudoson Festival


​ 31st New Year's Eve Bell


Opening time

Weekday holiday


New Year's three days


Please stop by


nearest station
Omoridai Station 19 walkminutes
 J.R.  SogaStation       25 minutes walk

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